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The way reddit organizes the wide array of articles and posts that it receives is by dividing them into subreddits, a term used to describe any particular topic that a thread contains. This allows users to more easily navigate the site, and find the content that they desire. These subreddits cover a variety of subject matter and can be used for vastly different purposes.

Distinctions between Subreddits

Subject Matter

The subject matter for a particular subreddit can be anything that comes to mind. They can be informative, opinionated, or entertaining. They can be specific or broad. In fact, it is hard to find many topics that do not already have a subreddit. Thus, if you know how to properly navigate these subreddits, it can be very useful in finding articles or posts on a particular subject matter.

Types of Subreddits

Not only do subreddits have unique subject matters, but they can also have different privacy settings. This allows people to create topics that are more personal, allowing for a significantly wider range of possibilities. For example, if you have family or friends on reddit, you can create subreddits that only they can see or post on, creating an effective way to communicate subjects of varying privacy.

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