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Create Your Own

Prerequisite: Log in to with your username and password.  Navigate to the front page, or the main page for any subreddit.

  1. Click “Create  your own community” in the right side bar.
  2. Fill out the boxes with the requested information about your subreddit.  Be sure to choose easy to understand name and a descriptive title.   Note that the name cannot be changed once the subreddit is created.
  3. Choose a language for your subreddit.
  4. Choose your level of privacy – public, restricted, or private.
  5. Choose which kind of content you would like to allow.
  6. Choose your other options.
  7. If you own a website and would like to access your subreddit from it, fill in the domain box with your domain name information.
  8. Press the create button.

Results: You should now be able to navigate to your subreddit via   When you are logged in, your subreddit should also appear in the bar across the top of any page on reddit.

Next steps: Use the administrative tools to make changes to your subreddit.

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