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Moderate Links/Posts

As a moderator, you gain three powers over posts in your reddit that regular users do not have.  You can remove, approve, or distinguish posts.

  • Click “remove” underneath the link on either the subreddit’s main page, or on the comments page for that link in order to completely remove the link and comments from the subreddit.
  • Click “approve” underneath a link on the main page or on the comments page to make a green check mark appear next to the link.  Approving in this manner is entirely cosmetic, but it allows your users to know that you think the post is good and on topic.
  • Click “distinguish” on the comments page of a link you create to emphasize that it was created by a moderator.  Distinguishing a post puts “[m]” next to your name as the submitter, and signals to users that a moderator created the post.

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